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Celebrate Friendship through Fun and Fitness at SuperPark Malaysia This July


KUALA LUMPUR, 2 JULY 2019 – SuperPark Malaysia dedicates the month of July to celebrate friendship through the joys of fitness and play with friends and loved ones. The friendliest all-in-one park in the heart of the city is encouraging Malaysians to discover the many delightful moments that friends can share when they stay active and play together. In the lead up to World Friendship Day celebrated on 30 July each year, SuperPark Malaysia offers visitors the opportunity to get 4 tickets for only RM150 through the Super4 Promo from today until 9 August 2019!

Check off your #SquadGoals and get fit together with your best friends. Try out a unique range of activities at the park; from adventure games to interactive challenges, pit your skills against your friends or collaborate on a range of cooperative games! SuperPark Malaysia features over 25 different activities that promote active play and fun fitness where your body is the engine that runs all the activities available in the park.

“At SuperPark, we believe in combining fun, fitness, and friendship as the core of what we do, and we want to extend this to wider Malaysians. There’s no better way to foster healthy relationships than to discover new adventures together. In the spirit of that, we are driving this campaign as more reason to encourage friends and family to spend quality time while having fun and active lifestyles,” said Andes S.H Wong, Senior Marketing Manager, SuperPark Malaysia.

Whether it is the activities, the environment, or the people in SuperPark, fun is the centre of everything that goes on in the park. SuperPark is suitable for people of every age and fitness and always have well-trained staff to help keep you safe. Kick up a storm with your best buddies at SuperPinball or challenge them to a 2-on-2 PVP (player versus player) match at SuperBall. For those looking to amp up the challenge, rack up style points and show off your skills at Skate and Scoot World or test your penalty kick against the highly intelligent AI-powered Robo Keeper!

SuperPark is designed for boundless fun, with the indoor park keeping you protected from heat and harmful UV rays while staying safe from the elements. Play to your heart’s content come rain or shine!

Share your best moments and make new memories! Experience first-hand the many activities at SuperPark with your besties or even your family members and embrace the “SuperParking lifestyle” today! Fun does not need to take a back seat for exercise when you are with your loved ones.  

For more details on SuperPark Malaysia’s Super4 Promo, visit SuperPark Malaysia’s website at 


SuperPark Ticket Prices

Normal Price
(1 Ticket)
Applicable for Super4 Promo Price
(4 Tickets for RM150)
Regular Day
Monday to Friday (excluding weekends, public holidays and school holidays)
All Day
RM 50
Evening (6.00pm - 9.00pm)
RM 30
Super Day
(weekends, public holidays and school holidays)
All Day
RM 70
Evening (6.00pm - 9.00pm)
RM 45
Middle (1.30pm - 5.30pm)
RM 55
Morning (9.00am - 1.00pm)
RM 45

*All visitors are required to wear SuperPark grip socks. Each pair can be purchased at the registration counter for RM5

For more information, please contact:

Archetype Malaysia
Joey Tham / Iskandar Fareez
Tel: +603 2282 2152 
Email: superparkmy@archetype.co 
SuperPark Malaysia Andes S.H Wong Senior Marketing Manager Email: andes.wong@superpark.com.my

About SuperPark Malaysia

SuperPark is the friendliest all-in-one indoor activity park on earth, delivering a unique experience of joyful play that excites and unites people all over the world, no matter their age or fitness level. Hailing from Finland, since its inception in 2012, 

SuperPark owns, licenses and operates 18 activity parks globally, with Malaysia as its third location in Asia. SuperPark Malaysia launched in 6 December 2018 and is located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur at a 40,000 square foot site in Avenue K Shopping Mall.

The activity park features 3 main areas – Adventure Area, Game Arena and Freestyle Hall - with over 25 fun and exciting activities suitable for all ages and fitness levels under one roof.

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